Muscle Building Supplements – Your Introduction to Them

For those looking to build muscle, hardcore exercises alone won’t cut it. The body needs a great source of nutrition that is very specific to muscle building and muscle building supplements are vital and not optional to those who want to get good results out of bodybuilding.This article will give you a basic introduction about the three main types of muscle building supplements in the market for more.

3 most commonly used supplements

Related image#1 Protein supplements – Muscle building is critically dependent on your protein intake. Medical studies have concurred that the body requires about 1 -1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. Thus, if you weight about 170 pounds, you will need about 170 grams of protein in your every day diet. Most people however don’t get this supply from their regular diet and often make do with protein intake at much lower levels. Muscle building supplements in the form of protein shakes can provide your body with a readily available form of protein that will immediately go to work in helping your build bigger muscles. There are typically two forms of protein supplements and they are described below.

  1. Protein Isolate – This is the purest form of protein with a protein level that is in excess of 90%.
  2. Protein concentrate – The second purest form of protein supplements with purity levels that are often over 80%

Related image#2 Creatine – Creatine doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with direct muscle building but it will allow a person to train harder and longer at the gym. You will be able to squeeze out a few more reps if you take creatine and it will give you a much needed spike in energy levels when you are working out intensely. Weight training can take its toll on you and one will often tire very quickly. Creatine supplements will allow a person to work out harder than usual.

#3 Carbohydrate supplements – When looking up muscle building supplements, most people just concentrate on protein and creatine and forget about carbohydrate supplements. Carbohydrates or weight gainers as they are popularly sold are crucial for one to gain muscle in a healthy manner. One can take carbohydrates from real sources of foods such as cooked meals but cooked meals will often give you a lot of fat along with the carbohydrates. Muscle building supplements in the form of carbohydrate supplements will allow you to consume pure carbohydrates without the unwanted fat that you might have to otherwise consume from other food sources.