All About Motivate Your Employees For Maximum Productivity

How can you keep your company functioning at maximum productivity? A huge factor is employee satisfaction. There are many factors that play into what keeps your employees happy, but research shows that the following factors can greatly impact your employees’ overall happiness in the workplace. check over here

1) Employee/Employer Relationships. Surprisingly, research tells us that this may be the highest ranking factor in terms of job satisfaction. Even higher than compensation and benefits. So if employee productivity is a problem in your workplace try taking a look at your team of managers and supervisors. They should be direct, honest, respectful, and consistent. Make sure they communicate in a clear and concise manner and are comfortable with giving direct feedback, be it positive or constructive. If it’s clear that your managers and supervisors are lacking in any of these areas, consider enrolling them in management skill training programs. It could be that you will have to consider making some changes in your management staff.

2) Employee Salaries. It makes sense that how much employees are paid will highly influence how well they do their jobs. Consider doing research; analyze salary survey data to make sure your organization’s compensation is properly aligned with the market rate for comparable positions.

3) Employee Benefit Plans. Employer-sponsored benefit plans play a significant role in your employees’ happiness. These benefit plans include health and retirements plans, as well as vacation, holidays, sick leave, bereavement leave, educational assistance, health club memberships, and so on. Some employers fail to consider establishing Employee Wellness Programs to help promote healthy work/life balance for their employees. Flexibility benefits are another important aspect. Consider a telecommuting benefit or flexible work week schedules.

4) Challenge your employees. Give your employees the opportunity to show you what they can do. Employees who are given the chance to show their strengths tend to be much happier in the workplace.

5) Employee appreciation. Consider acknowledging your employees’ achievements in a personal manner:
Take the time to hand write a letter of appreciation for a job well done. Give gift cards for their favorite local spots. Buy your employees’ a meal. Have the management team give free car washes. Host team building events. People tend to appreciate the personal touches more rather than standard recognition programs.
6) Room to grow. When given the opportunity to advance in their careers, employees are more motivated to succeed. This factor translates into higher productivity. A mentoring system can aid the organization to prepare for succession planning and help to focus on the individuals most suited for fast track career paths. Simply put, happy employees mean better performance. According to the Gallup Organization, making sure employees are happy could save U.S. employers up to $350 billion per year. So, if your company is struggling with this problem, evaluate your employees based on these 6 factors and make the necessary adjustments.